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Independent Hip Hop Artist

Victoria, Australia



“Freedom is power.”

APEX is an Australian independent hip hop artist who began writing music at the age of 15.

Inspired by the worldwide hip hop culture of rap music, break dancing and graffiti, he started taking his passion to new heights.

Through ZanAri Records, he began recording his music at a local studio in his hometown of Gippsland, Victoria.

APEX // in CMB ABC Tee
Within a year, APEX was performing his music at underground hip hop shows.

His stage presence has grown through the suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding areas from 2011, stretching from his Gippsland roots.

APEX has focused on his music by recording and filming more content with ZanAri Records, taking a step to the next level as an emerging hip hop artist.

As a founding member of the hip hop crew KA$HRO CLIQUE, APEX has set his focus towards helping the collective to become a serious name in the Australian hip hop industry.


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